Evictions Week is Coming!

IASVoteWe’re half way through the June round of I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here, and it’s time to shake things up a little… Let’s get some scientists out of here!

Starting on Tuesday, we’ll evict one scientist every day until just two remain on Friday to battle it out for the title of Proteins Zone Winner!

Here’s how the evictions work…

Students, you vote for your favourite scientist! You get one vote for each round of the competition.

Round 1 Now until 3pm on Tuesday 24th June.
The first scientist will be evicted at 3pm on Tuesday!
Round 2 From the first eviction until 3pm on Wednesday 25th June.
Round 3 From the second eviction until 3pm on Thursday 26th June.
Just two scientists will remain in the final of the competition!
Final Round From the third eviction until 3pm on Friday 27th June.
We’ll announce the winner at 3pm on Friday!


On Friday 27th June the Live Chat will be open from 12pm–3pm for scientists and students from any school to drop in and out to chat, and ask any last questions. At 3pm we’ll announce the winner in the chat!

Remember students, you get a new vote for each round, and your votes are the ones that count! Not the other scientists’, and not your teacher!

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  1. kira1998 says:

    good luck all

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