• Question: what do you like/enjoy about what you do for your job and what how much have you found out about prottien so far??

    Asked by graciepaynexxx to Loren, Lucy on 20 Jun 2014. This question was also asked by giraffegirl2014.
    • Photo: Loren Macdonald

      Loren Macdonald answered on 20 Jun 2014:

      Hmm, interesting question. I really enjoy getting hands-on in the lab and doing experiments. But they can also be really frustrating when they don’t work. When I get a good result I often can be found doing a little dance somewhere before showing it to my boss- who then helps me decide what we’re going to do with it!

      Technically, I’m still a student rather than a member of staff but I have the same amount of freedom as a staff member. I don’t have classes or exams and I work mostly to my own schedule. Some members of the lab come in around midday and stay til late at night whilst I come in at around 7.30am and will be home by 5pm at the latest usually. I’m definitely a morning person and I like being able to work flexibly.

      As to what I’ve learned about proteins so far? Well, I’ve learned some interesting interactions between some proteins that I work on and I’ve been able to study what happens in cells when there is less of the proteins.

      As a geneticist initially, I didn’t really know a great deal about proteins as I had only really learned about genetics and DNA. So, I’d say I’ve probably learned quite a lot about proteins in general since starting my current project. However, I work in a different area to someone who studies proteins and their structure- so I don’t know a lot about that (just some things that were taught in my degree) whereas some of the scientists here do.

    • Photo: Lucy Remnant

      Lucy Remnant answered on 20 Jun 2014:

      I really enjoy working in a lab and being able to think up and experiment, go and do it, see what went wrong and how I can make it better and then trying again. Sometimes this can be hard work if it doesn’t work but my boss is really good at helping me think of other things to try.

      I have only been working with my protein a little while but so far I have looked at where it is found within the cells that I work with and I have also made some protein and found some of it’s interacting proteins and proved that they interact with eachother.